If you are motivated,


and eager to further your education,
International Virtual University

provides  the opportunity
to help you achieve your goal.




The world’s Local Centre for Lifelong Learning



The IVU is an emerging lifelong learning and non-traditional University in the Great Britain , with many students who are studying for many reasons, including:

  • Furthering their careers,

  • Making up for missed opportunities,

  • Pursuing a personal interest or simply flexing their minds.

They choose the IVU  because it offers them a chance to study with one of the most prestigious centres of lifelong learning  in the world and they can study without sacrificing work or family commitments.

No upper age limits and no previous qualifications required for your lifelong learning ; in other words we work for knowledge-full new world for the sake of the whole humanity .


How you study

Most students are part-time and work from home or wherever it is convenient. Our unique method of study – IVU  supported virtual  learning - means that you can set your own timetable around the way you live.


All courses are taught in English. We provide top quality teaching materials, regular feedback on your progress and help when you need it. From the start, you will be put in touch with our highly qualified staff and allocated a tutor or study adviser who is a specialist in your subject and can offer regular guidance. You'll also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students.


Our qualifications

They are the mark of academic success but also have added value because they show that you have commitment, ambition and self discipline - qualities important to prospective employers. The IVU is a highly respected centre of lifelong learning.




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